Luna 200R Combo

Introducing the new Luna 200R Combo Series. The same 200 watt amplifier as our head units, now available as a combo with several design and size options to choose from. We wanted to give you the player the ability to better specifically address their needs with this combo at 2 simple price points.
– Onboard Digital Reverb
– DI Line Out
– Clean Boost Switch
– Compact & Lightweight

Choose between an Open Back cabinet design and a Closed Back / Front Ported / Bass Reflex cabinet.  The closed back options comes standard with an Extended Range adjustable tweeter.
Onboard Digital Reverb

There are 3 sizes to choose from: 1×8, 1×10, or 1×12

A couple notes about the differences between open and closed back designs.  Open back sounds more open and airy.  The mids and lows are not as pronounced and little looser but the upper register is more present. A lot of players feel open back is a more natural representation of the guitar. Open back is also lighter and offers some easy storage for cables etc.

Closed back / Bass Reflex design offers a tighter more focused sound with darker, a more hard hitting low end.  The high end isn’t as present but can be attenuated by the adjustable tweeter.  Closed back tends to offer a fuller sound with more projection but also adds some weight. It also works well with flat top and other acoustic instruments.

Luna EQ:  Active treble and bass controls +/- 12 db cut or boost, unity at 12 o’clock position.
Midrange Notch:  The midrange notch controls the frequency of the midrange cut. It is variable between 200 Hz and 5 kHz, covering the frequencies between the Treble and Bass controls. The mid control sets the depth of the notch, and at zero takes the midrange out of the circuit. (Unity)
On board digital reverb, Line Out, Adjustable Tweeter standard on Closed Back ER

Any size Open Back: $900
Any size Closed Back: $1050

Weight: 16-21 lbs depending on size and design.Tailor this amp platform to your needs as a player. Comes with a padded cover.

As always, feel free to contact us directly with any questions.


Closed Back:$1,049
Open Back:$900
Power:200 watts 
Speaker:One -8 Eminence Alpha
One-10 Jensen Jet
One-12 Jensen Jet
Dimensions:One-8 13x13x10.5
One-10 14x14x10.5
One-12 16x16x10.5
Weight:One-8 (14 lbs)
One-10 (16 lbs)
One-12 (19 lbs)
Power:200 watts 
Speaker:One-8ER Eminence Alpha
One-10ER Eminence Beta
One-12ER Eminence Beta
Dimensions:One-8ER 13x13x10.5
One-10ER 14x14x10.5
One-12ER 16x16x10.5
Weight:One-8ER 17 lbs
One-10ER 19 lbs
One-12ER 21 lbs