One-8 A.I. Combo


Raezer’s Edge One-8 Combo. The evolution of Raezer’s Edge combo cabinet series. Integrates with Acoustic Image Clarus series “head” amplifiers to form a single unit.

Due to overwhelming demand for Raezer’s Edge speaker cabinets paired with Acoustic Image Clarus heads. And for good reason: they sound great for all manner of Jazz guitar and are highly portable. But some felt that the separate head/cabinet arrangement wasn’t as practical as a single combo unit with grab-and-go convenience.

Enter the A.I. Combo cabinet series from Raezer’s Edge. The game has changed.

The Raezer A.I. combo series not only look elegant and purposeful but they are also highly functional. The Acoustic Image Clarus head can be installed/removed simply. Even the speaker cable is neatly tucked away so that it doesn’t intefere with the cover.

Finally. Just what the world of Jazz stringed instruments wanted in a high quality solid state amp platform: the Raezer’s Edge A.I. combo cabinets.

“ER” or “Extended Range” indicates the addition of an adjustable tweeter.

Comes with a padded cover.


Power:250 watts @ 8 ohms
Speaker:Eminence Beta 8CX
Dimensions:12” W x 17” H x 10.5” D
Weight:22 lbs
Frequency range:95 Hz to 3.3 k Hz
Power:250 watts @ 8 ohms



Eminence Beta 8CX

APT50 Tweeter

Dimensions:12” W x 17” H x 10.5” D
Weight:23 lbs
Frequency range:95 Hz to 20 k Hz