Turbo Drive Overdrive


The Turbodrive overdrive is a result of years spent in the quest for adding great distortion to your sound without it being obnoxious or noisy. We started by examining a classic, the 808 and its variants and addressing the shortfalls. The Turbodrive allows your guitar and playing style to shine through without homogenizing the sound.

The gain control controls the drive, and has twice the available gain as other pedals of this type. The Mojo control is a midrange control centered at 720 hz to allow a wide variety of tones from chunky and chewy, to over the top leads, and everything in between. At the heart is a real JRC4558 IC, selected for optimum performance.

The Turbodrive has been in continuous production for OVER 20 YEARS, long before the glut of OD pedals saturated the market. It is the secret weapon many players use on their boards to get their sound. The pedal is full bypass and operates from a battery or 9v center pin negative supply.