Twin 8 LW (light weight)


The Raezer’s Edge Twin-8 LW is the same as the original Twin 8 but 7 lbs lighter in weight. Using 1/2″ bich ply instead of 3/4″ for construction.

The Twin 8 model is the warmest and most tube-like sounding speaker cabinet in the Raezer’s Edge line.

Fans of the Wes Montgomery school of sound will find the Twin-8 a sonic partner. The highs are thick and round, the lows have definition, and the mids are present.

As the name implies, Raezer’s Edge Twin-8 cabinet comes loaded with two heavy-duty full range 8 inch speakers capable of handling 250 watt RMS.

“I received the Twin-8 cabinet and am totally floored by it…The low end is incredibly fat…The chords melt into each other like on a very good tube amp…You have made a real believer in me…”  -William A. Bay, President – Mel Bay Publications

A practical advantage of the Twin-8 model is that its 4-ohm rating will allow many modern amplifiers to produce more volume (please check the rating on your amp!).

“ER” or “Extended Range” indicates the addition of an adjustable tweeter.

Comes with a padded amp cover.

Power:250 watts @ 4 ohms
Speaker:Eminence Alpha 8A (x2)
Dimensions:19.5” W x 15” H x 10” D
Weight:23 lbs
Frequency range:58 Hz to 5.0 k Hz
Power:250 watts @ 4 ohms



Eminence Alpha 8A (x2)

APT80 Tweeter

Dimensions:19.5” W x 15” H x 10” D
Weight:31 lbs
Frequency range:58 Hz to 20 k Hz