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Stealth 12 / ER

Raezer’s Edge Stealth 12. The cabinet that started the revolution with its big voice in a medium sized enclosure.

The Raezer line began with this 1×12″ speaker model. The choice was only too logical. Single 12 inch speakers [30.5 cm] tend to complement the guitar’s frequency spectrum nicely and are also able to push that sound out comfortably to the audience. In this sense, 12″ speakers typically make the most of the amp’s power while still keeping overall cabinet dimensions compact. Perhaps for this reason 12″ speakers have become the most popular choice for guitar amplification by far.

Modern design/manufacturing methods allow phenomal low frequency performance from smaller speakers. In fact, to hear a double bassist gig through a Razer ONE-6 BASS cabinet is truly amazing. But in real life playing situations a speaker also interacts with the room/environment it’s in. Often a small speaker in a small room can sound fantastic. But when volumes increase or rooms are large or when playing a stage…we need to physically move air to generate volume. And we do this by increasing the amount of speaker cone surface area.

Enter the Raezer Stealth 12. Compared the the Stealth 10, the Stealth 12 will play louder. And if you need even more, add another cabinet for a modular 2×12 rig or whatever combination suits your specific needs best. If you play Jazz guitar and gig…even if only periodically…you won’t ever go wrong having an Raezer’s Edge Stealth 12 in your sonic tool shed.

Power:400 watts @ 8 ohms
Speaker:Eminence Delta 12A
Dimensions:17”W x 18.5”H x 10.5”D
Weight:32 lbs
Frequency range:54 Hz – 5 k Hz
Power:400 watts @ ohms
Speaker:Eminence Delta 12A

APT50 Tweeter

Dimensions:17”W x 18.5”H x 10.5”D
Weight:33 lbs
Frequency range:54 Hz – 20 k Hz