Acoustic 10ER


Raezer’s Edge ACOUSTIC 10.  A new generation of acoustic series speaker systemsl It’s an exceptional choice for those who seek a highly compact cabinet that faithfully represents a more acoustic rendition of their archtop or who play classical aka nylon-string guitar. Or sing too!

The very small Acoustic 10 cabinet is just barely larger than the 10″ coaxial speaker it contains. Yet, the Acoustic 10 speaks with an open transparent voice, dynamics, clarity and authority that even significantly larger and heavier enclosures often don’t obtain.

Then too, the Acoustic 10’s full frequency range capabilities mean that it can confidently handle a spectrum of sonic duties from thick dark tones, to woody and round, to bright and jangly. You tune the cabinet to suit your guitars and personal preferences. Truly, this model is a sound chameleon in Raezer clothing.  Comes with a padded cover.

Power:250 watts @ 8 ohms


High Compression Driver: 

Eminence Beta 10CX

PSD 2013S-8

Dimensions:14” W x 14” H x 10.5” D
Weight:22 lbs
Frequency range:60 Hz to 20 k Hz