We have spent the last few years designing amps we want to play as musicians. A simple and easy to use approach resulted in a class D head and tube combo amps that are something players truly can appreciate.

Amp Heads

The Raezers Edge Luna series are unlike any comparable class D heads. The tone controls provide real value to any instrument. The small, compact and a no frills design gives players the best out of the box experience with zero learning curve. 

Raezer’s Edge Combos

Completely unique and original designs. No clones or vintage remakes here, just high quality and high utility. Every part of these amps are built by hand, in house down to the actual chassis. Truly amongst the best of the best.

Amp / Cab Packages

All in one, head and cabinet bundle packages that include amp head, cabinet, gigs bag and speaker cable.

SeQuel Combos

State-of-the-art with a vintage vibe. These reference class amplifiers are hand wired point to point in Wisconsin and best for archtops and other Jazz oriented guitars. Originally designed by Michael Biller and SOUND ISLAND MUSIC.

Stereo FRFR

The Raezers Edge Audio Flux. A true Stereo FRFR Active Modeling Cabinet designed for use with current modelers and profilers.