Luna 200R / One-6 Cab Bundle


This is an all in one package that includes the Luna 200R Class D head paired with the One-6 speaker cabinet and padded gig bag.

The Luna 200R has been developed to be completely unique compared to similar amps. The proof is in the tone and there’s no doubt when you hear it. The Luna 200-R is the perfect amp for any stringed instrument and comes with an onboard reverb effect.

EQ:  Active treble and bass controls +/- 12 db cut or boost, unity at 12o’clock position.

Midrange Notch:  The midrange notch controls the frequency of the midrange cut. It is variable between 200 Hz and 5 kHz, covering the frequencies between the Treble and Bass controls. The mid control sets the depth of the notch, and at zero takes the midrange out of the circuit. (Unity)

One-6 Speaker Cabinet:

The nearly nano-sized Raezer’s Edge One-6 was engineered as an extremely compact and portable solution for amplifying archtop or nylon-string classical guitars, or on bass, yet with that full rich sound that Raezer’s Edge cabinets have long been known. 

Alone it works exceedingly well in settings where you want to hear the natural acoustic sound of your instrument but just need “a little more” to fill out the sound. It’s truly remarkable…almost a little funny…but perfect.

Power:200 Watts Class D Solid State
EQ:Treble / Midnotch / Bass
Amp Dimensions:

10″W x 2″H x 6″D
12.5″W x 9.5H x 10D

Weight:23 lbs all together
Options:Tolex color, Grill Cloth