Black Canyon Reverb Pedal


The Black Canyon is a reverb unlike any other in production. When most people think of reverb, it’s the springy 60’s surf type found in most amplifiers of the era, and it is a unique, useable sound. Real reverb however is a little different. The Black Canyon starts with a lush organic sounding reverb, but in a live setting reverb is not an instant sound.

Think of it this way… if you are in a large room and you clap your hands. First, you will hear the clap, and then a delay as the sound travels to bounce off reflecting surfaces. It then returns from a number of sources. The distance control allows the player to set how far those sounds are coming from. This allows a much more natural sounding reverb. The edge control is a subtle effect that shifts the source the reverb comes from.

The pedal is full bypass and operates from a battery or 9v center pin negative supply. This is the same reverb built into our Luna 200R amplifier.