New York 8


One of Rich Raezer’s original designs, the NY 8 was designed to meet the needs of players struggling with crowded urban environments, but who still require a speaker cabinet that preserves a full rich sound from their instrument.

Despite it’s highly compact dimensions, the NY8 is surprisingly big and warm in tone. It works exceedingly well in smaller rooms and bands with full rhythm sections where the ideal guitar sound fits within a certain “sonic window.”

The NY 8 can also be used in conjunction with other RE cabinets for an expanded dual speaker sound or to achieve higher volume pressure levels. For example, it is a great solution as a “sidekick” cabinet to the Stealth 10, Stealth 12, or Twin 8.

Power:250 watts @ 8 ohms
Speaker:Eminence Beta 8
Dimensions:12” W x 15” H x 9” D
Weight:18 lbs
Frequency range:95 Hz to 3.3 k Hz
Power:250 watts @ 8 ohms



Eminence Beta 8CX

APT50 Tweeter

Dimensions:12” W x 15” H x 9” D
Weight:21 lbs
Frequency range:95 Hz to 20 k Hz