One 6 A.I. Combo


The One-6 COMBO cabinet was developed to meet the needs of Jazz guitarists who require a highly portable Pro quality amplifier. The diminutive One-6 delivers while preserving that rich clear signature sound of Raezer’s Edge cabinets powered by Acoustic Image amps.

And it’s all housed in a convenient single cabinet for convenient “grab-and-go” portability. The Clarus head can be easily removed with two screws on the back of the cabinet.

The package includes a vinyl cover and Speakon speaker cable. Your choice of Acoustic Image Clarus S4 1-channel or 2-channel [priced separately].

The Reazer’s Edge One-6 COMBO: ultra compact in overall dimensions, yet big and warm in tone.

“ER” or “Extended Range” indicates the addition of an adjustable tweeter.

Comes with a padded cover.

Power:175 watts @ 8 ohms
Speaker:Eminence Beta 6A
Dimensions:12.5” W x 14” H x 10” D
Weight:15 lbs
Frequency range:95 Hz to 4.0 k Hz
Power:175 watts @ 8 ohms



Eminence Beta 8CX

Eminence APT30

Dimensions:14” W x 12.5” H x 10” D
Weight:16 lbs
Frequency range:95 Hz to 20 k Hz