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Twin 8

The Raezer’s Edge Twin-8 model is the warmest and most tube-like sounding speaker cabinet in the Raezer’s Edge line.

Fans of the Wes Montgomery school of sound will find the Twin-8 a sonic partner. The highs are thick and round, the lows have definition, and the mids are present.

As the name implies, Raezer’s Edge Twin-8 cabinet comes loaded with two heavy-duty full range 8 inch speakers capable of handling 250 watt RMS.

“I received the Twin-8 cabinet and am totally floored by it…The low end is incredibly fat…The chords melt into each other like on a very good tube amp…You have made a real believer in me…”
William A. Bay
Mel Bay Publications

A practical advantage of the Twin-8 model is that its 4-ohm rating will allow many modern amplifiers to produce more volume (please check the rating on your amp!).

Power: 250 watts @ 4 ohms
Speaker: Eminence Alpha 8a
Dimensions: 19.5″W x 15”H x 10”D
Weight: 29 lbs
Frequency range: 58 Hz – 5 k Hz